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csa innovation conference

Thursday, July 18, 2013
Network Meeting Center
5201 Great America Parkway, Santa Clara, CA 95054

Panel: “Cloud Security Innovation – How to Adopt It?”

Moderator: Dr. Ulrich Lang CEO ObjectSecurity

Panelists: John Mullen, President & CEO, Promia; Cesare Garlati, Co-Chair Mobile Working Group, CSA John Howie, CCO, CSA and Visiting Research Professor and Research Associate, University of Arizona; Dr. Srinivas Mantripragada, Vice President of Technology, Infoblox

Innovation in general is ultimately only useful if it gets adopted. However, adopting any innovation in today’s enterprise and government agencies is often not easy, and cloud security innovation is not different in this respect. Can the cloud paradigm pave the way for speedier adoption of cyber security innovation compared to traditional deployments? Or does the lack of control and visibility into clouds by the consumer hinder the adoption of cloud security innovation.

This esteemed panel of security professionals of organizations facing these challenges will have a lively debate and expert positions about their approaches, experiences, and challenges trying to ensure cloud security keeps up with the rapid pace of evolution and adoption of cloud computing.